Marking Tape

Cod. NA25 - 25m - 100m, thickness 40 micron.

It is a high quality material that does not fade from colour to weather. We supply it neutral or with customer's logo.
The film undergoes Corona treatment (To sum up, Corona treatment is a high frequency electric discharge to a surface. The result is an improvement in the chemical bonds (dyne/cm) between the plastic molecules and the applied liquid. This surface treatment does not alter either the resistance or the appearance of the material) which gives more adherence to the ink on the surface.
The product is easily transportable and does not unroll thanks to a light layer of glue.

Green, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Violet, Pink
Possibility of personalised printing.
All colours comply with the standards of the Bund Deutscher Baumschulen (German Nursery Association) in its coding for size marking.

150 pieces in 30 boxes of 5 pieces each.
Neutral: 150 pieces also divided in various colours
With logo: 150 pieces. Since printing works in multiples of 12, the minimum quantity per colour must respect this quantity.

- Divide height and size of plants (size marking)
- Reserving plants to customers
- To distinguish the type of plants

Marking Tape


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